Evangel UMW

History - United Methodist Women is a group within the United Methodist Church that was started in 1869 with 8 original founders. They raised $300 to send two missionaries to India. 150 years later, the UMW is now 800,000 members strong supporting missionaries and advocating on the behalf of women, children, and the youth throughout the world.

Evangel welcomes any woman to join our UMW Circles. We are currently compromised of 4 different circles who meet throughout the year. Please check the weekly bulletin or monthly newsletter for dates and times of meetings. 

  • The "Eve"ning Circle
  • The Mom's Circle
  • Lydia Circle
  • The Sewing Circle

Three all church UMW gatherings are held each year as well. These are open to all men and women. These meetings start with a potluck lunch followed by a program about a local mission. The dates for 2020 are Thursday, May 21; Thursday, August 20; and Thursday, October 15 at 11:30 AM in the Church Dinette. 

Evangel UMW hopes to look forward and continue to practice radical discipleship as well as find ways to help those left out or excluded, those marginalized, and those silenced or unwelcome.  We hope you will join us as we have numerous opportunities to be spiritually fed, to promote social justice, and help our sisters around the world. Spiritual growth, leadership development, education alongside service and advocacy are part of our identity as United Methodist women. Join us and help us promote these core values.

"In this broken and fractured world, has there ever been a more important time for us to do the work and live the mission we've been called to? Right now we need our message of empowerment and healing, of grit and resilience, of transformation and liberation, of faith, hope, and love!" - Rev. Javier Viera of Drew Seminary

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