Looking forward to 2024

2023 tracks included:

  • Horse Training & Trail Ride – Children will learn horse basics, grooming, and go on a trail ride in St. Charles.
  • Soccer and Basketball – Sports basics, training and game play will be led by local coaches and athletes.
  • Creative Arts - Professional art instruction and creative time.
  • Pre-Kindergarten – Customized activities, sports and arts in 3 gyms just for them.
  • Dog care – Learn pet basics with trainers from the Rochester Kennel Club.
  • Adventure Track Expansion – To accommodate activities for all ages, we are expanding our popular Adventure Track into two: Track 1 for Kindergarten – Grade 2; Track 2 for Grade 3 - Grade 6. All of your favorite Adventure games will be back, including laser tag, soccer boppers, archery tag, and large inflatables, with new and exciting options added for each age level to keep the Adventure Track soaring!  
  • Weather and Wildlife – Children will get to see raptors up close, learn about conservation from professionals at the Minnesota Conservation Core and go on a field trip to a local stream.