Make a Joyful Noise unto the lord!

"Those who sing - pray twice!" Evangel has a lot of music ranging from classical, to bluegrass, to contemporary and many others! There are many opportunities for children, youth, and adults to serve God in making music at Evangel. Find a group that works for you and talk to the director at any time if you are interested. 

Music Opportunities for all ages!!!

Cherub Choir  

Age:  Grades K - 3

Time:  Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:15PM weekly

Location: Children's Library

Contact: Clancy Craven (director)

The Cherub Choir introduces children to singing and leaning music in a fun way with the use of rhythm instruments and movement. The children participate in worship approximately one time a month as well as the Children's Christmas Program.

Youth Instrumental Ensemble

Age: Grades 7 - 12

Contact: Pam Wright (director)

The Youth Instrumental Ensemble is a group that plays for the Children's Christmas Program in December. The youth will practice once a week for about three weeks before the program. It is recommended that a player has at least 2 years of experience.

1T4:12 (youth band and choir) 

Age:  Grades 6 - 12, Grades 9 - 12 for the instrumentalists

Time: Sunday, 5 - 6:30 PM planned when necessary

Location: Church Sanctuary

Contact: Bob and Beth Kanzelman (directors)

The youth band plays four to five times a year with the Christmas program and the Youth Banquet being the highlights. Practices are planned as necessary to be ready for these performances.

Senior Choir

Age: Grade 9 - Adult

Time: Thursday, 7:30 - 8:45 weekly

Location: Sanctuary

Contact: Pam Wright (director)

The Senior choir meets weekly to prepare for Sunday morning worship. The group performs each week from September to early June. On special occasions, the group will pull together more ambitious projects including full cantata's with instrumentalists. The music ranges in difficulty with more difficult projects practiced over a longer period of time.

Brass Ensemble (trumpets, trombones, baritones, tubas, etc)

Age: Grade 9 - Adult

Time: Thursday, 8:45 PM the two weeks before a presentation

Contact: Pam Wright (director)

The brass ensemble plays for Thanksgiving and Easter and other special events

Evangel Ringers (handbell group) 

Age: Grade 7 to Adult

Time: Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 PM September through May

Contact: Joanne Dodge (director)

The Evangel Ringers play approximately once a month in our traditional worship service.

Good News Praise and Worship Team 

Age: Grade 9 - Adult

Time: Wednesday, 6 - 8:30 PM year round.

Contact: Jim Klepper

Singers and instrumentalists including piano(keys), acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums present music for worship weekly.