the story of our logo

This image is a representation of our new purpose statement:

"Evangel Church exists to Love God, Love Others, and be Christ’s Hands and Feet in the world."

A great logo does a couple of things. It represents the values and vision of the church to those outside of our walls, and it tells a story.  The best logos become iconic representations of the core values of the communities they represent.

The overall shape comes from the obvious “in the world” portion of the mission statement. But it also comes from how the key phrases of our purpose statement are circular. Meaning, one leads into the other in a circular closed loop fashion.

To love God is to Love Others. You show that love by being Christ’s hands and feet, by doing good work in the world, by serving others and by spreading the love of God and in this way we are loving God. It comes full circle.

The color of the design was chosen for two reasons:

1. Because the world is 70% water so the thought was that it would help to distinguish what the circle was without including the words, “in the world” on the actual design.

2.  Because it reminds us of the waters of our baptism.

In the design, you will notice that the three small triangular sections all converge at the word God showing that all we do is for God and because of God and to love God.  Three was chosen because of the significance of the Trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit.

One of the triangular sections of the world was used to make the divider pieces between the key phrases. They look somewhat like an arrowhead and that was intentional to emphasize how one phrase leads into the other.

Also, the world not being one complete solid circle was intentional. As we do good work for others, it’s like repairing our broken world.  Just as we assembly a puzzle, we can bring our world together with the love of the God.

We felt It was important to have a cross in the design. It is centrally located because Jesus is the center of our lives and all we do.

The red dot represents Jesus’ blood shed for us. It was placed in the center of the cross, as the focal point of the design to show that Jesus, God, needs to be our focus. He is the center of all we do here at Evangel.

The glow that emits from the cross shows God’s love spreading across the world as we continue to do great things and share love with others. We are God’s army working to make things better in the world by being God’s hands and feet.

You can see God everywhere, you can be God’s hands and feet, you can share God with others in your actions, all the time.

When you look at this logo I hope you can see the story we are trying to convey. You may also see things that we didn’t even recognize. It has been pointed out that the middle sections look like a candle or some would say a flame. Feel free to adapt this story to you and your interpretations of Evangel’s vision but above all, Love God, Love other’s and be Christ’s Hands and Feet in the world."