March Hartmann Herald

The Hartmann's have been very active with the outreach of Athlete's In Action plus with keeping up with their little boy, Rockwell!

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Dick and Mary Martin sends greetings and thanks all of us for our continuing support and prayers.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Since 1992, the Satres have worked in the Ngomba Project in Cameroon. With Ngomba colleagues, Scott designed the alphabet and transition primer, and helped train literacy instructors and Bible translators. He also helped local teams in several other languages with analysis and write-up. Vicky organized several vacation Bible schools in Ngomba. On their return, Scott takes up a regional role in linguistics, continuing work on the Ngomba dictionary, while Vicky serves in literacy. Please prayerfully consider investing in Bible translation by becoming prayer and financial partners with them.


On Wednesday, March 10 board members, missionary leaders, and hosts for one of the Indiana Midwest Mission Permanent Collection Sites, Pat and Sharon Baumer, picked up a truckload of donations that board member Patty Nelson had accepted at her home in New Bremen, Ohio. 

In this donation were several bags of sewn items from the ladies' sewing group at New Knoxville UMC in New Knoxville Ohio. Also included in the donation were medical supplies, several sewing machines, and a child’s bike.

Patty also accepted a donation of a dozen sets of fire gear from the Montezuma Fire Department.

The picture shows Patty helping load all the donations.

Midwest Mission thanks all our Permanent Collection Sites and our Board Members for doing their part to ensure this ministry has the supplies they need to serve those less fortunate around the world and around the corner.

KHK Foundation


KHK Foundation has identified a great need for a continued educational program for the poverty-stricken children in Cambodia. These children are forced to give up the chance of receiving an education due to family obligations.

Click the KHK logo to go to their web site.