Henderson Holler Fall Edition 2021

Work Camp 2021

We have had a productive and blessed year in Work Camp. Our overall participation numbers were down considerably from a normal year but much better than 2020. Our hope is that 2022 will see a significant uptick in groups attending throughout the year and we are accepting reservations for any time in 2022. Two years of minimal home repair in the community and on campus repairs has caused areas of need to grow in a way that typically could not have. So in short, we need you and work teams to join us and support us in any way possible. We met a wonderful lady at Henderson Settlement as we were helping her this summer. She was filled with patience and grace as so many folks came and helped in her time of need. When we were almost finished with her jobs, she asked if we could use the rest of the money allocated for her projects to help someone pay for their utilities. She said she knew what it was like to be in that position. It was a large amount that was designated for her specific needs. She had been so patient and so graceful and now she was being so unselfish. It was amazing seeing someone who had been through so much thinking of others first. 

The hartmann herald

October 2021

See how active the Hartmann's are with the students at the University of Minnesota!

Midwest Mission distribution Center

Major Shipments Sent from Midwest Mission This Week
October has been a hub of activity at Midwest Mission Distribution Center. Deliveries continue to come in to be unloaded from partners near and far, and are then inventoried and re-loaded into containers, box trucks and trucks to be distributed wherever the needs are.

Staff leads the charge with the much-valued help of volunteer leaders, regular volunteers and various teams and individuals serving each week. Our kit room, warehouses and shops have seen a huge uptick in volunteers coming in to ensure appropriate items are in each kit to be distributed, building desks, sewing and so much more. It takes all the parts moving together to make sure the wheels are turning and the engine of Midwest Mission runs smooth on all fronts.

To wrap up October, four major shipments were assembled, loaded and shipped. They have gone to Green Bay, WI., Chicago, IL, Mombasa in Kenya and Rhode Island for donations to Ukraine and Guatemala. Yes! It all happened in one week!

Catholic Charities of Green Bay Wisconsin received a shipment of 6,048 cases of UMCOR Hygiene Kits. These kits are benefitting Green Bay area's Paul Pantry, De Pere Police Department, Brown County Health and Human Services, House of Hope (a women’s abuse center), Transformation House, Freedom House and New Community Shelter," said Catholic Charities' Community Engagement Specialist, Kellie Dekarske. "We also have some going to the Afghan refugees who are resettling in Green Bay. Other donations have gone to Leaven in Menasha and a homeless shelter there. In Omro, WI donations went to a local pantry and homeless shelter. We are also distributing 20 boxes to our Marinette office who will then distribute them to the Marinette Police Department, Rainbow House Women’s Shelter and Marinette Food Pantry." The shipment is valued at $78,624.00

The Mombasa Relief Initiative in Kenya is receiving a re-directed shipment of computer equipment, chairs, a gazebo, office chairs, student desks and chairs, folding tables, cots and filing cabinets, tables and pots and pans. The items will be used to help in a new school build to create a strong environment for educating the next generations. The Initiative focuses on health, education and economic enrichment. The shipment is valued at $96,736.00

Hope of Life International in Cranston, RI is dividing a shipment between Guatamela and Ukraine. The disbursement included items from Delta Airlines of first-class china dishware, utensils, drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs, linens and other miscellaneous items that they no longer needed. Midwest Mission was the recipient of multiple semi loads last December. God showed us the need almost a year later. His timing and provision are always perfect, even when we may not see it at the time. The shipment is valued at $305,328.00.

Refugee One, Chicago, IL received 504 cases of UMCOR Hygiene Kits, toothpaste and 1,000 cases of antibacterial hand cleaner. With hearts for the refugees who are coming to the states, different organizations are stepping up to assist in making provision. The shipment is valued at $136,552.00.

Workmann Adventure

We are grateful to have seen many pandemic restrictions being lifted over the last two months. While some rules still remain, we have enjoyed being allowed to meet in person for worship and to host people in our home.

This past month we had our GEM regional supervisor and his wife stay with us overnight, our colleagues from Prague visit for an overnight and we were blessed to have our new Italian friend to our home for an evening of food, laughter, and some deep spiritual conversations.

KHK Foundation


KHK Foundation has identified a great need for a continued educational program for the poverty-stricken children in Cambodia. These children are forced to give up the chance of receiving an education due to family obligations.

Click the KHK logo to go to their web site.